Friday, December 31, 2010

SW Architecture, Russian Avant Garde, DIY Gardens, and Letterforms

Facing Southwest The Life and Houses of John Gaw Meem Architecture El Lissitzy Russian Artist 1890-1941 Exhibition Catalog RARE

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As an architect, Meem bought the Spanish-Pueblo style to maturity, created his own brand of regional classicism - the Territorial Revival - and worked to reconcile Modernism with southwestern traditions, notably in his innovative solar adobe houses. 

Waterfalls Fountains Pools and Streams Designing and Building by Helen Nash Alphabets and Images Designing with Letterforms by Maggie Gordon 1974
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Beautifully illustrated how to design and create water elements in your garden. This is an inspiration book which will be of interest to art teachers and all those involved with the graphic arts. It will help also to create an awareness of the interesting letterforms that exist in our immediate surroundings.
One of the most important figures of the Russian avant garde, helping develop suprematism with his friend and mentor, Kazimir Malevich

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