Friday, December 31, 2010

Sampling of the types of Design books on our shelves

The Pueblo Potter A Study of Creative Imagination in Primitive Art Ruth L. Bunzel Art & Design The Post Modern Object Design Designers Trends 1987 Alberto Alessi The Dream Factory Product Design Designer Modern Kitchenware The Book of Garden Design John Brookes Styles Designs Materials
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songofsnow songofsnow songofsnow songofsnow
20 full-page plates show water jars, bowls, drums and other ceramic artifacts (both modern and classical) of the Acoma, Zuni, San Ildefonso and Hopi, and 18 futher plates, most of them in two colors, reproduce over 150 design motifs -- dragonflies, cloud stripes, deer house, water birds, all sorts of cloud designs, feather designs, and many more. From the respected Art & Design of London, an issue dedicated to The Post Modern Object. Series of illustrated articles on the design trends and designers of the future. 1987 This is a little book chock full of amazing designs, mostly on kitchen metalware, but also whimsical bath accessories, costume jewelry from the Alessi Company in Italy, a variety of designers. Full of innovative design solutions for gardens, large and small, urban, suburban or country. Beautifully and infomatively illustrated with more than 700 full-color photographs, drawings and plans

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