Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A few books of interest in our Southwest Arts category...

exhibition Judy Tuwaletstiwa Stoecklein
Rick Dillingham A Retrospective Exhibition 1952-1994 Master Ceramics
Our Price: $36.22 1 in stock!
Judy Tuwaletstiwa Text/Subtext Art Exhibition Catalog 2001 Black Mesa Arizona
Our Price: $36.22 1 in stock!
Dude Ranches of the American West Photography David Stoecklein
Our Price: $32.60 1 in stock!
Dillingham was renowned for his work in contemporary ceramics and for his scholarship of the pottery traditions of the North American Indian. Stiff Board stapled wraps, 8 full color plates,  essay, 2001 Showcases more than 25 dude ranches across the American West
Doris Monthan art colony Churches of Northern 
R.C. Gorman The Lithographs by Doris Monthan 1978
Our Price: $29.84 1 in stock!
Mabel Luhan's Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico Bohemian Legends (1900-1950) Artists Colony
Our Price: $28.93 1 in stock!
Paintings of Harold Joe Waldrum Churches of Northern New Mexico Art Exhibition Catalog 1985
Our Price: $27.89 1 in stock!
Also included is a complete catalog of his lithographic works -- from 1966 to 1978, the first time they have ever been collated and published. An extensive bibliography records books, periodicals, and films in which he has been featured, followed by a compilation of other pertinent information With over 150 rare and fascinating black and white photographs, Mabel's Santa Fe and Taos, is a remembrance of the bohemian years of New Mexico's artist colonies Art exhibition catalog, 1985 of the paintings of Joe Waldrum, of the churches of Northern New Mexico, 27 full color plates
Donald J. Hagerty Rick Dillingham Sothebys 11/89
Leading the West One Hundred Contemporary Painters and Sculptors by Donald J. Hagerty
Our Price: $26.86 1 in stock!
Acoma and Laguna Pueblo Pottery Rick Dillingham Native American Ceramics
Our Price: $26.86 1 in stock!
American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture Sothebys Nov 1989
Our Price: $25.82 1 in stock!
More than any other region, the West has exemplified the essential American spirit of independence, abundance, and boundless horizons. This book sets out to showcase the best artists representing Western art in the United States Black and white and full color illustrations throughout. This thorough study of the histories, styles, and crafts of the Acomoa and Laguna pueblos is a must-have for any art historian or collector of Native American art and artifacts. A mesmerizing collection of American art within this softcover book!

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