Friday, July 1, 2011

We're big on vintage and unsual cookbooks - new on our shelves

songofsnow songofsnow
Famous New Orleans Cookbook Creole Recipes
Our Price: $8.99
An Army Wife's Cookbook with Household Hints and Home Remedies by Alice Kirk Grierson
Our Price: $9.50
Household tips and Creole recipes from the past. Pies, seafood, breads and biscuits. Alice Kirk Grierson. Mrs. Grierson came from a well to do family and this book was created as a way to instruct her help in running the household. Not only chock full of creative recipes of the period, it also includes household tips and remedies, and personal notes on what life was like and how a wife would go to certain lengths in maintaining a household
songofsnow songofsnow
The Archaeological Survey of the Pueblo Plateau New Mexico 1930 w map
Our Price: $31.50
Cooking with Le Creuset Elizabeth David 1st Edition
Our Price: $19.50
This 22 page booklet was created as a tool for reporting such finds. There are sample index cards and maps and examples of reporting. There is a large inlay map in the back of the booklet in pristine condition that shows all of New Mexico in plat form. A charming booklet by Elizabeth David on the various types of Le Creuset cookware and some sample dishes that they are most suited to.  Orange covers - 1st edition. 1969
songofsnow songofsnow
Miz Jessie's Gatherin' Old Odd Unusual Recipts
Our Price: $19.50
How to Use Hawaiian Fruit by Agnes Alexander
Our Price: $8.50
A tongue in cheek cookbook filled with odd and unusual recipes from Arkansas area. Want to know how to cook Rattlesnake or make Scripture cake - wonder no more. Great ideas on how to whip up fabulous jellies, drinks, pies and other desserts using the bountiful fruit of Hawaii

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